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AGoddess Love Ministries is an non-traditional ministry dedicated to the spiritual and personal growth and development of women and girls through Spiritual and Transformational Life-Coaching.

In just one powerful session with AGoddess, you will have clarity on what's running your soul and will start to build a road map to a life of healing, love, joy, achievement, victory and true fulfillment. You will gain the clarity and tools needed to heal and sustain a happy and healthy life.

Here's what Spiritual and Transformational Life-Coaching will do for you,

1) Get clarity on what's running your soul

*get clear of the wounds lodged in your soul that cause you to make decisions rooted in fear, unforgiveness, bitterness and depression

2) Learn the art of forgiveness

*forgiveness is not for the other person, it's for you

3) Change your perception

*life is happening for you not to you

4) Gain clarity on your purpose

*get clear and focused on your goals and objectives

5) Become an effective leader

*learn strategies and techniques that will allow you to help others on their life's journey

6) Keep your Momentum

Start today and don't look back. Coaching will propel you forward in life and hold you accountable so you can soar to new heights

In order to help you succeed and meet your goals, I provide a 30 minute complimentary phone consultation. In the consultation, I will have a better understanding of your goals and the obstacles that are keeping you from achieving them.

To schedule your appointment please call!

1 (855) 551-LOVE (5683)

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